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WMI 2k15 finally arrived on the PC because it was in the console since last October. The version of your computer adds game content that you can download in a single package, which is a great value. But is the delay between the emission of damage to this port?

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WVE fans probably already know the story behind this game. I hope, with 2k Sports now aboard, the franchise would be a long-awaited review. All the new animation, voices and models were at the heart of this list I’m rearranging my desires.

Unfortunately, this is not a fan of ours. Instead, 2k Sports is buying in visual concepts (the developers of your NBA/result is a game that looks great until you start playing. Don’t take it the wrong way, as we are 2k15 still playing, as in Wi 2k14, the problem is that the fans are waiting for more.

What he said, this new war presents several new twies that could indicate a direction that could also be future improvements. This includes GREPEL Mechanic (usually seen only near the start of the bout), and is that you are involved in the style of „Rock-Paper-Masaucepan” mini game. After that, a more responsive contact with the right bats finds a sweet spot faster than your opponent, creating some good tensions nearby. It looks good if you are an observer, but as a player, it is so involved in winning that you lose a lot of fluids that are being created.

From there, it’s a business as usual. Identical impact, strike, Contrarmecánica is all in play and still requires the patient’s time to worship and the love of the franchise. It usually works well against an opponent with you how to build a boost and control the match rhythm.

In turn, the fifth, however, does not last long to see the problems. Being out of place while doing the move is your superstar who is strutting around before, while fighting multiple opponents is too often kept in the wrong competition. Sometimes it’s just annoying, but if you go for a needle and locate another competitor instead, it can become a game that loses the pain.

My real complaint about WAM 2k15 are what is missing from this version in 2K14 or earlier version of the console.

2k14 was a player who took you through 29 years of Wrestlemaine in preparation for the wrestling of 30. This year, this mod has replaced two stories about the rivalry: Decreation XS, in collapse. This works well if you are a fan of these characters, but there is no ICIC character game of last year, resulting in a weaker solo experience. Fortunately, if you are playing alone, it will be a round fashion race that takes you through the lines of the Development League.

Another way that is especially not allowed by WMI 2k 15 is the creator of the story. Although I have rarely had a patient for it, I have seen my own creations from other people, (while at least the Community mod comes to it.

My last problem in 2k15 is that, at the time of the console, the lines of the story moved significantly in the program. Therefore, the characters of the game were oddly ill placed inComparison with their current cattle. Take Cesaro, who scored 93 (one of the biggest games), but is currently in the team department with Tyson. One more side of this is that CM Punk still puts real fans to have notes, this is probably the last time it appears in the game.

B + player

The biggest sin we have is that he took the wrong first step. I think the fans would be happier with their last years. It does the same game as last year, just a better look. If he said, maybe next year there will be 22 games that must be committed and continue the way they started. A new performance capture could be a long way to breathe life into models of visually stunning characters that have already been seen in this long game.

And maybe next year we’ll see a computer version. Please?

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