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Telegram Bugaboo Torrent

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The telegram was an instant message with a focus on speed, security and a good alternative to WhatsApp. Telegram supporting the group chat with up to 200 contacts, put a strong emphasis on security and offers an extensive multimedia support.

Level of privacy and the main focus of securityOne telegram is security and privacy of WhatsApp. For example, the telegram has something called „Talk, confidential”-an encrypted connection that I destructs chat message that is similar to the SnapChat and prevent others from intercepting them. There is even a selection of those who will delete all of your account if you do not register a fixed length (function () {(‘ vision-app-page-desktop ‘);}); I is the security that began to attract users to the telegram in the first place and now owned by WhatsApp Facebook, it seems set to increase. The developers also claim that they are not selling or user data with third parties section, there is no article in advertising and is still free to use.

Send files to also have multimedia support levels with up to 100 people and allows you to share all kinds of files to upload, although you can find and download very slowly. You can change the number of images instead of just one at a time, and you can send an image as much as you want because Wire could have unlimited online support telegram WhatsApp Mount also leave short voice messages while not as programs such as Skype , I really can not dial voice calls.

Very good alternative to the safe of WhatsApp

As a free alternative to WhatsApp, it offers more security, the telegram is a very interesting and valuable.

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