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Raft FastDL Download

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The slab is a game of life and delicate that puts you in the role of a castaway must scavenge materials from the sea to find food and water. Together or with friends, the ruins to develop and expand your life full time jobIn slab, with nothing but a simple hook and rope. To use this, you need to take dirt from the sea. You can use this to expand your ship emergency or to build tools and other equipment. You can find other resources on the seabed. Improve your forum can help you find debris, cooking food, water filters and more. You will also want the weapon to defend himself from starvation where Pope to remind. This game is easy, but the experience of life time to grow and develop the fleet requires a lot of other jobs that are never boring. (the function {(‘ study-application-site-desktop ‘);}); CompellingRaft is a simple yet a very simple game in the Middle, but sometimes the request carefully makes it easy to keep coming back to. The average value of production, but it is better for the purpose of the game. If you like a game of survival, this is worth your time.

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