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Tip: You never get night work as a contractor. If you do, make sure it’s not on the track which houses where you ordered the animator Animal pop group. Five nights for Karen’s proof, it’s a career choice, which is the iced tea you’re scaring.

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The five-night starting point at Karen’s is that you have a temporary job with an innocent guardian pizza in the restaurant chain and make it through the night without having to eat your face.
Normally this would not be too difficult, but Karen fazbears pizzas is not an ordinary restaurant. It is home to an animator band of furry creatures so that the evil RI link during closure and want to move around and think about people’s brains to eat before they enforce them in a group. Ronald McDonald and Hamburx are a long road that’s safe.

When you start the game, you get very little information or instructions, with the exception of the haunted message from the former employee Karen is linked to the dangers of being saved.
You sit in your office with 11 surveillance cameras that are trained in various parts of the restaurant. You need to be in the sight of the signs movement of any of the four animator characters that are displayed at the beginning of the turned off. If you see one of the hard looking critters move, if you want to make one of the Office lights go on, they are about to rush into their eyes. Once you have the door, then press the pop Lock button as fast as you can.
Check the cameras, turn the lights on, and lock the doors with the entire sewage strength, that you only have a limited amount. Start the night at 12 AM and you will need to do 06:00 without having an exhausted power of more than zero percent or one of the costumed creatures in the Office. Each night lasts about eight to nine minutes in real time.
The first night of the five nights of Karen’s looks easy enough, and you don’t have much movement in the characters – to discover it, but if you do it it’s very scary to look at. If you work your way through the nights, stylish chicken, Bonnie Bunny, Foxy Pirate Fox and enigmatic Karen fazbear is increasingly active. For some tokens, you can practice the habits and rules of how they behave. But Karen-what is behind the curtain, away from the rest-the law is kept in itself and it seems impossible to predict what he is doing.

Do not be afraid of the darkness
The five-night secret to Karen’s is not light and the cameras keep hitting and hand signals on the doors to close the fear. A lot of the time you just sit tight to save energy by adding to the fear factor because you feel vulnerable to attacks.
The controls are very simple. You can see the left or right of your chair by clicking on both sides of the screen, and then activating the gray lights and doors with appropriate switches. CCTV cameras can be obtained through a large button at the bottom of the screen.

Prepare to jump
The five nights of Karen’s are the graphics out of the ordinary, but still classy. The game combines pixelated DOS as a presentation with scary modeling of four characters. The jump scars must be applied very well. This is how you know the character is done by Office as the worst-looking displays on the screen with a solepoint screaming instructions fly several inches out of your seat.
Denljudeffekat the nights of Karen’s help to increase the game’s potential for development. All game sounds are designed with noise and slit cameras, to be intimidated by the Patiske clip clop footprints.

Five nights from hell
Five nights at Karen’s are one of the most terrifying games that I’ve played too late, and if you’re brave enough to try the game, you’re tense belly itch. It said,If you want your own horror game to have a lot of action, you’re best off to try something like a dead room or left 4 dead where you can actually fight back!

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