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One of the great games franchisees PC, Command Conquer: Red & warns has become permanent since the mid-1990s favorites terima-kasih to a unique combination of real-time strategy, cold war aesthetics and camp humor. The latest release, red alert 3, continue this wonderful tradition with an increase to the game graphics and sound.

Command Conquer 3 Demo &: red warning consisting of three tutorial mission and several playable campaign mission, one each in the Soviet Union and NATO, making decent-sized demo which gives you a good idea whether you want full (function () {(‘ EView-app-side desktop ‘); });

Like the previous edition of red alert, the latest version of this hole USSR against the allies and managed to travel time, nuclear weapons and ludicrous High-Camp series of gigs in 7 ‘ minute introduction movie Pack. The film also introduced 3 major red warning in addition, Empire of the Sun, a power increase new playable bent on world domination.

Command Conquer: & 3 red alert using new graphics and 3d effects in the war launched Tiberium Title last year, means that C & C fans are familiar with the game controls and appearance. We think we detect a little higher CPU and GPU load in this part on the direction & Conquer 3, but this is because nothing about glitching with maximum settings used. Sound, video and acting are all quality, make sense of the game such as products that are really perfect.

At the end of the day, however. 3 warning red what is really missing is something new. Sure, vehicles and equipment has weakened a bit (including weird war additional interest on behalf of the Soviet Union), and Japan has been added to the schedule teams compete. Red Alert 3 but of course not so different from order & Conquer 3 red alert 2 or, for that matter. Graphics and sound are much better, but the game is very exact.

Fans of the series makes the Command Conquer: improvement graphics & 3 red alert and funny moments. But everyone in anticipation of the new game features will be disappointed.

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